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Major beef breeds

Bos taurus


Figure. A typical Bos Taurus bull

Bos Taurus breeds originated in Europe and are all humbles.

Characteristics of some of the main Bos Taurus breeds are:

  • Angus. Origin: Scotland.

Features are a black coat (recessive red gene also), polled. Suited to vealer, steer and bullock production or maternal/rotational place in crossbreeding.​

  • Hereford. Origin: England.

Features are redcoat with white face and underline, and horned. Suited to vealer, steer and bullock production or maternal/rotation place in crossbreeding.​

  • Simmental. Origin: Western Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France etc)

Features are red coat with broken white markings and white face; horned and polled strains. Suited to vealer, steer and bullock production maternal/rotational/terminal place in crossbreeding.​

  • Charolais. Origin: France.

Features are white or cream coat; polled and horned strains. Suited to bullock production or as a terminal sire in crossbreeding programs.​

  • Limousin. Origin: France.

Light brown in colour and horned. Breed is heavily muscled and known for high meat yield with a minimum of fat. Smaller than other European breeds and earlier in maturity, but later maturing than British breeds. Suitable for crossbreeding programs.